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Brief biography 

"As a child I used to imagine myself as an individual climbing up a mountain of knowledge and skills. With each day the view below the mountain would get wider and wider, giving me more understanding and viewpoint manoeuvrability. I knew that this would make me productive and valuable for the world. If this relation of affinity, knowledge acquisition, skills acquisition and productivity is held together by working hard, giving equal close attention to all units in the process and investing all I can, then I would be able to make a relevant contribution to humanity and other universal aspects"

Ramón Kailani (1985) decided from this moment of philosophical realisation to continue walking this vertical path day after day for the rest of his life.
He has been able to conduct a professional, artistic and intellectual life from an early age.
At the age of 15 he started writing, recording and performing his own music. At the age of 18 he had already recorded two solo albums and performed in many different concert halls, club venues, festivals, radio and TV stations. After finishing high school (specialised in natural sciences: mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics) he started his studies at the University of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Conservatory of Amsterdam and Bath Spa University-England (literature, bio medical science/neuroscience, guitar/composition and composition respectively). Besides these three studies he also managed to be active as a journalist, performing and recording musician, composer and entrepreneur.
After his studies he was based in both Amsterdam and Sevilla for 1,5 years, going back and forth between these two cities working solo and with highly acknowledged artists and organisations globally.

He is currently based in Amsterdam working as a composer, academic thinker, writer, concept developer and performer. Kailani brings the unique combination of artistic and scientific expertise to the development of his projects. His multidisciplinary background allows for the generation of knowledge based upon the merging of new theories and ideas.

Ramón Kailani belongs to the oldest tribes of a small ethnic society that dates back 4.000 years. This small ethnic society has traditions related to nature, streaming river water and spiritual peace.
He is fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic and Aramaic.
For a long time he volunteered at an Alzheimer's institute once a week trying to improve the health of the patients by making music, reading tales, conversating with them and taking them outside for a walk.

An interdisciplinary thinker, who tries to make a link and to take away obstacles between natural sciences, social sciences and the arts. Ramón Kailani uses well thought reductionism as a strategy to understand our universe and as a counter-stone for scientific methods. His goal is to achieve relevant ideas/methods/products that can be valuable for human society and other universal beings and aspects.
This page is meant as a brief biography, to get a more specific view into his work you can visit the portfolio page.

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Personal note

  • "I would like to personally add one more thing to this page:

    "I would like to personally add one more thing to this page:

    work and study should always be balanced with other important things in life. The fact that I do multiple parallel tasks and work hard on them does not mean that I am sitting at the desk, in the studio or laboratory the whole entire day. A clear and rapid mind leans strongly on an active physical condition. Besides, most of my ideas I happen to get during my daily early morning exercises. Along with that I love to cook, dance latin dances, spend time with my friends and family, listen to all sorts of music, visit the concerthall or theater, read non work related literature and listen with interest to people's stories. So I would like to encourage that when hopefully a visitor would feel inspired by my work, he/she will also be inspired to add more of these kind of activities to their lives."  Ramón Kailani
  • "I would like to personally add one more thing to this page: