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As a game developer/designer, Ramón Kailani works from a cognitive scientific perspective. The first step in the game design process is research involving his own and existing brain science methods, theories and experiments.
His games can have an educational value, a brain developing aspect ("can make you smarter games"), social interactivity aspects, aesthetical aspects and/or tournament competition strategy playing goals.


Abstract Strategy Game
Physical & Digital
1-16 Players
Publisher: Patterns Games

Aromat is a strategic game designed and developed by Ramón Kailani. The game can adapt to a very large gameplay varieties and levels using the same game pieces. It uses the Patterns Games Scoring System, which starts very simple, but gets more and more complex. This game has had a 3,5 years development period and exists in a physical and a digital form. The digital version of the game has an artificial intelligence mode, where humans can play agains the computer in 4 different levels.




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