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    With this mini platform that I personally like to call an interdisciplinary magazine, my goal is to not only present certain projects that I work on for theaters, galleries, film productions, music studios etc, but also to treat it as an institute itself, creating projects for the purpose of presenting it on this digital zine to provide an emotional and aesthetic experience for the audience of it.
A project could be a fully fledged production such as an artistic film with music, choreography, dance etc. or a simple article/short story/poem. It can also be a new game that I recently designed or a method or an e-book. When you will follow along for some time, you will notice the shifting in disciplines and styles and how I try to puzzle with them and combine them to make something new and fascinating for my audience.
Most project will be autonomous and a one person's show, photography, poetry, music, post-production etc. done by me. However, as I also like collaborating with other artists and academics, there will be others involved in some projects. If you like to collaborate don't hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]

About Ramón Kailani

 With the help of his background in neuroscience, classical music composition, literature, computer science and art, Ramón is able to create works that combine different disciplines. His creative abilities on the other hand help him to do so in a graceful manner. 

He is accomplished and acknowledged world wide having worked together with institutes in a variety of fields (from academic research to journalism) such as: Sony, Universal, University of Maastricht, Royal Concert Hall Amsterdam, internationally printed magazine Vice, the Dutch National Ballet, Dutch national newspaper Het Parool and so on.    social:@ramonkailani    contact:[email protected]

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