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Ramón Kailani has developed a music didactical method and notation system that is intended to be a realistic alternative to the conventional music didactics and notation system. His method makes it possible to understand music faster and easier and to truly grasp music theory without confusion. 

"I often noticed that my fellow students at the conservatory and later professional musicians do not know music at all. They know how to play notes and the technique of their instruments, but the true knowledge, at the higher level, that of composers, conductors and improvisers, is too far away from them. I think it is mainly because of the confusing, elitist and mysterious aspects of the western classical music tradition.
That is why I designed a new didactical and notation system that can give musicians a true understanding of music, to help them feel more free, artistic and secure while playing, studying a new piece and during rehearsals with other musicians. Also for the newcomers, like children it is a playful and fast way to know, and most of all do music."





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