Visionary, Interdisciplinary & Multidisciplinary Practices Research Entity

Ramón Kailani is the founder of VIMPRE Institute in Amsterdam. VIMPRE conducts research that can be used for projects that have a high quality and practical value. 

Predictions far beyond the conventional that serve a useful function for the society is one of the main purposes of VIMPRE. To achieve a truly visionary approach Vimpre will always stand as an independent and uncoloured entity.

Multidisciplinarity draws on knowledge and skills from different bordered/specialized disciplines. Interdisciplinarity analyzes, synthesizes and harmonizes links between disciplines into a coordinated and coherent whole.

Empirical and experimental research in order to have solid foundations for our society involved practices (didactics, sustainability, health etc.). These practices consist of applied knowledge, products and services.

Vimpre is a mother institution for it’s different departments. These departments change according to the current research projects and funding. The presence of neuroscientific research and mindset is currently prominent in almost all sub-entities

• Fundamental Neuroscientific entity, 
• Neuro Aesthetics entity, 
• AI and computer science entity and 
• Games development entity




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